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Here are some things you should know:


  • Discotheques are usually located in the city center. You can easily reach them if you get to the port - there is a whole "disco valley" :)
  • Most discos in Alanya are free (paid admission is only on the occasion of a performance of famous  DJ for example)
  • parties take place every day during the summer season, from about April to the end of October. It does not matter if it is weekend or the middle of the week although of course there are more partygoers on weekends!
  • Most of the discos in Alanya are under the open sky
  • Discos are often multi-story (different music on each floor) in some of them there are regular "foam parties", there are also discos with a rock music, for example The Doors Bar
  • At the entrance there are usually  gates / metal detectors. Discos and clubs in Turkey are usually well secured and guarded by security guards
  • Admission is free but you should order something on the spot. Unfortunately, the prices of drinks or even beers are not very low (about 3-4 euros for beer) but you can often find promotions like "Happy Hours"
  • Clubs are open from early evening but the best fun starts around midnight and lasts until 3.00am
  • After this hour you can take a free bus from centrum to the Summer Garden disco club in Konaklı (about 14 km from the center) where you can have fun until the morning! Buses take back partygoers back after the fun ends.
  • If you're a single woman, do not go to the disco alone. Join a group, preferably from your hotel!
  • If you are in a group with few other women you can go to a disco, but remember to be careful when making new friends. Look after your drinks!
  • Remember that most buses end their courses around midnight or 1:00 am. After this hour, you will need a taxi to go back to the hotel.
  • If your hotel is close to the city center you can safely walk back there just do not react to any possible harassment. In the larger group you will be more briskly and safer, although 1-2 lonely girls also shouldn’t be worry :)
  • We wish you an amazing  and unforgettable holiday fun!
  • If instead of going to a disco you prefer other evening trips we invite you to choose one of two interesting options from our offer: Night Jeep Safari - crazy jeep off-road in the mountains at night, belly dance, dinner on the hill Kale in Alanya or Disco cruise - several hours of fun (also dances in the foam) on board of a ship that leaves from Alanya port.

Exemplary clubs in Alanya:  Havana Club, Havana Beach Club, Palm Beach, Summer Garden, Crazy Horse, The Doors and ... many, many more :)


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